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Brief Introduction to Oceanic Graphic Printing (OGP)

Founded in 1984 in Hong Kong, OGP started as a prepress company providing high quality color separations to book publishers printing in Hong Kong. OGP worked closely with publishers and the production facilities in Hong Kong to help ensure production of the highest quality books possible.

Shortly thereafter, we recognized the increased market needs for and provided print and bind production solutions to our clients. Over the past years, OGP has continued to expand the scope of the services provided as well as products produced while building strategic, top tier clientele around the globe. Whatever your requirements (automated production to intensive handwork); OGP has a high quality solution for you.

In September of 2011, OGP has merged our company with 1010 Printing Group Ltd., (please feel free to visit the website at a listed company on the Stock Exchange in Hong Kong and one of the premier Chinese book printing companies located in southern China . As the world, and our market has changed over the past few years, we found this opportunity would allow OGP to leverage the vast resources of 1010 Printing as well as formalize and bring new structure to an existing, long-term relationship between the two companies. Additionally, the acquisition by 1010 Printing provides them with a sizeable footprint and representation within the US that the company did not have previously.