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OGP is dedicated to develop and present a suitable and detail production and shipping schedule for each of your projects. Depending on the quantity and the complexity of the project(s), the season and your needs, the following production schedule may vary:

Color Separation schedule (Involving Picture Scanning): (approx.)
From your materials at Hong Kong to 1st proof on your desk 2 weeks
From 1st marked proof at Hong Kong to 2nd proof on your desk 1 week
Additional rounds of proofing 1 week
* After we have familiarized ourselves with your taste, production time will be shortened.

Printing, Binding & Shipping Schedule:
Receiving your Final Film to provide you Ozalids 1.0 week
From your okay to print to finished book to exiting Hong Kong 3.0 weeks
From Hong Kong ocean freight to West Coast of USA 14-18 days
From Hong Kong ocean freight to East Coast of USA 21 days