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Schedule & Delivery

One of the greatest challenges that every overseas printer struggles with these days is production schedule. Although most everyone would like to benefit from the lower manufacturing costs, not everyone's schedules can accommodate the time required. In addition to ongoing efforts to reduce production schedules for current clients, our ability to sufficiently shorten production lead-time enables us to work with new clients that have otherwise not been able to take advantage of overseas production.

Most of our clients do not want to be bothered with managing international freight. The process is time consuming and requires extensive paperwork. As such, OGP provides comprehensive freight management services. If you wish, OGP will manage the freight associated with your project from the time that it leaves our facilities until it is delivered to your warehouse. And all along the way, OGP will keep you informed of up-to-date status and delivery schedule.

In addition to the ocean and ground transportation required for bulk shipments, OGP offers a full range of airfreight solutions for advance copies and larger advance shipments when waiting for the bulk shipment is simply not an option.