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File Type Preparation

Please provide the following specifications and items:

  • Title name
  • Trim size (upright or landscape format)
  • Page counts
  • Specifications for color printed for this project (number of colors)
  • Paper stocks for text, cover, jacket, ... etc.
  • Number of images that OGP will need to scan, or else will you be providing high resolution images for OGP to output?
  • Specifications about the proofs you will be providing, or will you need OGP to provide you high quality proofs?
  • Category of your project: a museum art project, general subject, comic, children, nature, cook book, ... etc.
  • Any additional information about the job is extremely helpful and sometimes critical to the outcome.

Please supply a hard copy:

Please send a hard copy printout with trim marks made from the same file that is supplied on the disk you are sending to us.

Please do not make changes to the digital files after you have made this printout. If you find errors you need to correct, please re-output the pages (or the entire document) after making the changes. It is very important that this printout match the digital files.

Acceptable Media and File Transfer:

Compressed File Formats:

  • ZIP ( .zip - commonly PC)
  • StuffIt ( .sit - Commonly Macintosh)

Note on Compressed File Formats:

Compressing your file allows more data to fit onto a disk and shortens network upload/download time if you use an FTP server. OGP welcomes your use of compression on your included artwork, but please choose one of the following formats.

Ready-to-Print File Formats

  • PDF
  • PostScript
  • Ripped File
  • TIFF / IT-1

Note on Ready-to-Print File Formats:

These formats can reduce the prepress time for OGP, provided that they are created correctly. Ready-To-Print formats such as PDF are usually considered "print as-is" as it is very difficult to make typographical, placement or color changes. On the other hand, LIVE application files are recommended if you'd prefer for OGP to make adjustments or corrections

Page Layout Applications:

  • Adobe InDesign v. CS4, CS5
  • Quark Xpress v. 7.0 to 8.0

Image and Graphic Applications:

  • Adobe Illustrator v. CS4, CS5
  • Adobe Photoshop v. CS4, CS5
  • Adobe Freehand v. MX

Image and Graphic Formats:

  • TIFF
  • EPS
  • DCS, JPEG are acceptable but not recommended

Ready-to-Print File Formats

Page size should equal the trim size of the book plus 1/8" (3mm) bleed allowance if images bleed off the page. Page scale should always be 100%. Orientation can either be landscape or portrait.

Please supply both screen and printer fonts. Please do not supply any extra or unnecessary fonts. Avoid the use of TrueType (TT) fonts.