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Live File Preparation

I. Document Setup

  • Page size should be set up to the exact trim size of the title with a 3mm bleeding margin.

II. Fonts

  • Provide all screen and printer fonts used in the document.
  • Use the actual font from the font menu (e.g. Garamond Bold) rather than applying a style such as bold, from the style menu.

III. Images

  • Provide all image files used in your document.
  • The image should contain an output resolution of 300 dpi.
  • The line drawing images must contain an output resolution of at least 800 dpi or higher.
  • When an image requires enlargement or reduction of 20% or greater we recommend rescanning or resizing the image to the final output size.
  • It is recommended to link the document file to the low-res. images, and file names for both should be identical (either CMYK or RGB, but not both in the same document).

IV. Color Space

  • Both CMYK and RGB files are welcome. OGP does provide the service to professionally convert files in RGB format to CYMK with impressive results. This is one of OGP's expertises. Please see "Color Management Profile".
  • It is important to contact us to further discuss your needs for a conversion. (Click to our contact area).
  • Do not use RGB illustrations as they may print only black and white, or the output will show unacceptable color shifts.

V. Naming Conventions

  • Avoid using spaces or periods at the beginning or ending of file names.
  • Use unique file names for all images to prevent incorrect re-linking in application files.

VI. Layout & Proof

  • Send a black-and-white laser print or color proof along with the final file. If you send file via FTP or E-mail, also fax a laser printout of the job or supply a hard-copy proof.
  • Generate your proof from the same final electronic mechanicals.
  • If a page is too large to proof at 100% of its actual size, write the reduction on the proof.